Many of you may not be aware that the "Time Warp Tophands" did not cease to exist with the passing of Tom Morrell.  As a matter of fact, in the fall of 2010 it was decided that they should assemble at least one more record and dedicate it to the memory of Tommy, using a variety of steel guitar players.  That recording started in December of 2010 and January of 2011.

To our shock and dismay shortly after beginning the recording, our greatest fan, the owner of W R Records and Executive Producer for all of The Time Warp Tophands CD projects, also passed away; temporarily tying up funding for the new CD.  However, the Time Warp Tophands should be back in the studio very soon and we expect to have a new record to release to the Western Swing world by the end of 2012.  Vocalist Leon Rausch just made a visit to the studio to add his voice to a couple of tunes in February 2012... so we're back on the road again!

Meanwhile... here's a little impromptu video recording that you should all get a kick out of.  Please share with your friends and come back often as we complete this web site as well as the new record.  Feel free to watch this video again on YouTube where you can read more of the description. And if you have a YouTube account, please "like" the video.  And just so you know that there really is a record being made, when you've finished with the video, please click on the audio link right below it, and enjoy a short audio sample of what the song sounded like just a few short minutes after the video was made.

God Bless you all.... and, "Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age."  (Featuring a very laid-back, Leon Rausch).


An amazing transformation takes place when everyone who was watching the initial outlining of the song which you saw in the video above, picks up their instrument, grabs a chart of the new arrangement, and earns their bunkhouse pay for the day.

Below is what the song sounded like less than an hour from the time the video was made.  Even yet, there are a lot of additional parts still to be added to the song, and a much more legitimate mixing and mastering job will be forthcoming...  yet we simply had to let you know that there was just a wee bit more to the song than only what you see in the video above.  Enjoy this sample.....

"DON'T BE ASHAMED OF YOUR AGE"  (1:00 min. 128k MP3 audio sample)   CLICK HERE
Sorry saddle pals & music lovers, but we just can't give you any more until the record is finished.


The new CD  REALLY  IS  coming, folks....

And just to prove it, we're going to give you one more video sample from the Tophands 2011 recording sessions, along with another audio teaser... the latter of which will sound completely different on the CD.

Meanwhile, under the same circumstances as above, but on a different day, please enjoy a sneak-peek at more of the Time Warp Tophands as they work up, "Anticipation Without Realization" featuring Greg Hardy on vocals.


Now for another audio sample taken from a quick mix-down (missing many parts) at the end of the day...

"ANTICIPATION WITHOUT REALIZATION" (1min 20sec, 160k MP3 audio sample)   CLICK HERE
Sorry saddle pals & music lovers, again, we just can't give you any more until the record is released.



W R Records Welcomes You


In 1995 Robbie Bossert interviewed Tom Morrell for Steel Guitar World's issue number 21. Tom reveals some early history of MSA guitars and answers more of Robbie's questions.


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